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Modular to let you build dungeons any way that you want, the Legend Set is great for the DM with dedicated game room setting up huge, multi-session, dungeon crawls.  Over 54 linear feet of segments allows you to put together a 48+ room dungeon, but can still be packed away in a small space for ease of storage.  With encounters, you are very likely looking at a multi-session dungeon crawl campaign.  Ultra-affordable at $0.14/square inch compared to competitors’ sets.

  • This set includes 300 pieces of various lengths of walls, doorways, doors, and stairs – totaling over 54 linear feet of segments.  In addition, this set contains over 395 top clips and door clips.
    • With operable doors and crumbling wall pieces, you get the aesthetic of a real dungeon crawl.
    • The stairs were designed for 1” base minis to fit on them as well, for those epic staircase battles of which you have always dreamed.
  • Pieces come embossed and use textured materials - so you do not have to paint them, but they still give you the option to customize them.
  • The Legend Set is still small enough to fit into most bags and comes in a sturdy box with a handle for extra portability.
  • Is compatible with most 1” scale grid mats, tile systems, minis, and other accessories.
  • Only a small amount of assembly is required

Our Modular Dungeon Systems are built to be durable, portable, and affordable so you can take the fun with you wherever you go.  Our Modular Dungeon Systems are made using injection-molded, eco-friendly plastics that consist of 30% pre-consumer recycled materials and natural fibers. Made in the USA.

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