MDS - Assorted Colored Doors Expansion

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An assortment of 42 door pieces of seven colors that can replace doors in the Modular Dungeon Systems. Clear door hinge clips are also included to match the aesthetic of the Assorted Colored Doors Expansion. 

Use them to represent elemental magic doors, or keep track of what doors unlock in puzzle quests. Mix and match only a few colors to set a theme to your dungeon.



- 1 Coral Set

- 1 Dark Green Set

- 1 Burgundy Set

- 1 Dark Red Set

- 1 Blue Set

- 1 Brown Set

- 1 Pink Set

- 91+ Clear Door Hinge Clips for Colored Doors

*Each set of colored doors consists of 2 double doors and 4 single doors.


** This set only includes multi-colored doors and clear clips.

** Choking hazard for children under 3 years of age

** Expansion for our Modular Dungeon Systems